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Every tree needs water. Also in the winter. Only with sufficient water can trees defend themselves against diseases and pests and repair themselves. In this article you will find all the important information about watering trees in winter.

Trees in winter: growth in secret

The year is coming to an end and with it the growing season. The tree has grown, developed and perhaps produced seeds and fruit. Now it's getting cold and the deciduous trees have shed their leaves. This means they can no longer carry out photosynthesis. Young trees in particular are now working intensively on their root system. But the other trees also continue to develop in winter. 

Which trees need additional water in winter?

During the winter months, the vast majority of trees typically do not require watering. However, if the last few months have been very dry and the soil moisture is decreasing, at least young trees occasionally need additional water. 
Newly planted trees in particular need water even in winter. They are now developing their root system so that they can really get started in spring. Make sure they get enough water even in winter. You can water newly planted trees every few weeks. 

As always, the rule applies in winter: It's better to water less often, but water a lot in one go. Give the water plenty of time to seep into the soil. Drip irrigation is best suited for this. 

Do not water when there is frost

If there is snow or frost, wait until the snow has melted or the temperature has risen above 5 degrees Celsius before watering. Late morning or early afternoon are usually the best times as this allows water to penetrate the ground before temperatures drop in the evening.

Do not use tree watering bags at low temperatures

If you want to use tree watering bags in winter, you should only leave them on the tree during the warmest hours of the day and take them off the tree again in the evening at the latest. Make sure you only use the bags when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures damage the bag and make it brittle. If you want to use your bags for as long as possible, we recommend you use them store over winter.    

The right amount of water

The water requirements of trees vary greatly depending on the tree species, age and location. An important rule of thumb is: the lower the temperatures, the lower the water requirement. The trees now require significantly less water than in spring and summer. Unfortunately, it is also possible to give a tree too much water.
If you are unsure whether your tree has enough water, you can also check the moisture in the soil. To do this, you can dig a small hole of 10 to 15 centimeters in the root area of ​​the tree. If the soil there is dry, the tree can be watered.

Additional support for your tree: mulching

Mulch is one of the best things you can do for your tree. Ideally, you have already done this in the fall. A layer of mulch protects the soil from moisture loss and helps regulate soil temperature.

Carry out tree trimming

Winter is also a good time of year if you want to do tree trimming. When you prune, you remove damaged branches and make way for new growth and good shape. If you want to trim your tree, get well-founded information beforehand. 

Different every year

We are currently experiencing a time in which the amount of precipitation varies greatly between individual years. Sometimes it rains a lot in winter, sometimes there has been little precipitation for a long time. It is therefore increasingly difficult to have blanket solutions.

Remember that too much water can also be problematic for trees. Pay attention to your tree's specific needs and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. If in doubt, you should seek advice from local arborists or tree experts tailored to your region and your specific tree species.

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