We cannot exist without trees, because without trees and plants there is no fresh oxygen. And to create an awareness for this and to sensitize for the problems of our trees and forests is today Feast day for the trees.

April 25 - World Tree DayPhotos: Wood photo created by onlyyouqj - www.freepik.com

What is arbor day

International Tree Day was initiated on November 27, 1951 by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations. This recommended celebrating an international feast day of the tree every year in all member states.
Arbor Day goal it is to remind as many people as possible how valuable trees are for us humans and a healthy environment.

Since then, many countries have been celebrating Tree Day or Planting Day. In Europe this is usually a day in March or April or an autumn day. Internationally, these holidays are spread over the entire year.

In Germany becomes the day of the tree as a nationwide feast day for the trees on 25. April  committed. The first German day of the tree was April 25.04.1952, XNUMX. On this day, the then Federal President Prof. Dr. Theodor Heuss and Federal Minister Robert Lehr (President of the German Forest Protection Association, which initiated this festival in Germany) planted a maple tree in Bonn's Hofgarten.


Where does the day of the tree originate?

The day of the tree goes back to the year 1872, when the American politician JSMorton proposed the Arbor Day resolution to the government of Nebraska. In this he called for the introduction of an annual Tree Day. By 1892 this resolution was adopted in all states of the USA.


What do you do on Arbor Day?

Traditionally, the day of the tree is a day of planting. Ie on this day of action, new trees were and will be planted.
In Nebraska, for example, over a million trees were planted on Arbor Day. And in Germany, too, many millions of trees have been planted since the first day of the tree. According to the German Forest Protection Association, several hundred thousand trees are planted on average on "normal" days of the tree.

Traditionally, the day of the tree is a day of planting. Over 100.000 trees are planted here in Germany every year.Photos: Nature photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com

Due to climate change, trees will be planted on April 25.04th. but more and more difficult and many large tree plantings are therefore postponed until autumn.

In many cities and communities, there are increasingly other events on this day in addition to planting activities, such as excursions, adventure days or forest walks to make our trees and forests tangible and to raise awareness of their problems and needs.


How can I take action and save trees?

Even without a garden or area where you can plant a tree yourself, you can with one Tree donation help to plant trees and diversify our forests. There are numerous organizations in Germany (e.g. https://www.iplantatree.org) or international (https://a.plant-for-the-planet.org/de/) Plant trees and manage the forests sustainably.

You can also become active as a tree sponsor. Climate change is not only affecting our forests, but all trees, including our urban trees. Because of this, you can now in many cities Tree sponsorships take over and take care of a tree in your own street. But even without a tree sponsorship you can support the trees in front of your house by regularly loosening the soil in the area of ​​the tree disc so that it can absorb it well when it rains. Or by watering them regularly during dry periods.

If you have your own garden and plant trees and bushes there, please pay attention bee-friendly trees and shrubs to plant.
Bee-friendly trees are, for example, willows, the flower ash, the Norway maple, robinia, linden and of course fruit trees. Bee-friendly shrubs are, for example, the winter snowball, the copper rock pear, the cornel cherry, the sloe, the hawthorn or the barberry.

And as a last tip, if you Wood products buys, see to it that they from sustainable forestry come. You can tell by the fact that they are PEFC and FSC certified.

There are many ways to get active. Let's save trees together. #tree rescuer

(Source cover picture: Tree photo created by danmir12 - www.freepik.com)

Do you want more tree knowledge?

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