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Give your tree a refreshing tree bath!

baumbad premium tree bag PVC 75 liters

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baumbad premium watering ring for watering trees and shrubs

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baumbad Premium 75 liter irrigation bag for trees made of polyethylene (PE)

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baumbad premium irrigation bags for trees made of polyethylene (PE)

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The clever irrigation solution

How does the baumbad bag work? Simply explained in less than 2 minutes!

Our goal from the beginning of the development was a simple application. The baumbad irrigation bag is child's play and quick to install. More on this in the video.

Tree watering bags are large plastic bags that can be easily attached to a tree and filled with a large amount of water.

The tree watering sacks release the water to the ground in the area of ​​the tree grate over a period of several hours, preventing the irrigation water from draining off and evaporating on the surface and giving the ground and tree roots enough time to absorb the water. Using an irrigation bag to water trees saves both water and watering time.

Tree watering bag for optimal watering of trees

A tree watering bag is placed around a tree like a jacket and closed with a zipper. Depending on the diameter of the tree trunk, several irrigation bags can be connected to each other with the zippers and placed around the tree. Then the tree watering bag is filled with up to 75l or 100l of water, depending on the version. The filled water is now over
small outlet holes at the bottom of the tree watering bag released very slowly and evenly to the ground. This form of casting is also referred to as Drip irrigation. In this way, small and large trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees, as well as young trees and also old ones city ​​trees optimally watered for 6-12 hours.

Tree watering bags are a great help, especially during the hot, dry summer months, so they need to be both heat resistant and able to withstand strong UV rays. For this reason, our tree watering bags are made of fiber-reinforced PVC or PE. Both materials have a high level of weather resistance and UV resistance, making them ideal for outdoor use. The tree watering bags made of PVC are a little softer and sink when emptying and cover the watered area and thus protect it from drying out. The irrigation bags made of PE, on the other hand, are a bit more robust and durable than those made of PVC, but they are also a bit more expensive to buy.

Tree watering bags are the perfect solution for your garden! They are easy to use, effective and resource-saving. Here are some of the many benefits that tree watering bags offer:

1. Easy to use:
Tree watering bags are very easy to use. All you have to do is put the watering bag around the trunk of the tree like a jacket and seal it, then pour in water. The watering bag then slowly releases the water to the tree.

2. Saving of time and money:
Tree watering bags can help you save time and money by watering your tree with a sufficient amount of water over a long period of time. You don't have to worry about having to water constantly to keep your tree's root area moist for a long period of time. You fill the bag once with a large amount of water and it slowly releases the water drop by drop to the ground and keeps it moist for so long.

3. Eco-friendly:
Tree watering bags are very environmentally friendly. They prevent water from running off the surface and evaporating or from flowing too quickly through the root area and seeping away unused. This not only saves water, but also protects the environment.

4. Flexibility:
Tree watering bags are quick and easy to assemble and, due to their light weight and small size, very mobile when empty. They can be easily transported from one place to another. You can use one bag alternately for several trees or always take the bag with you wherever you need it.

There are numerous terms in the trade for tree watering bags, but they all mean the same product. We have listed the most frequently used terms here.

Tree Irrigation Bag / Tree Irrigation Bags

Water bag for trees / water bags for trees

Tree water bag / tree water bags

Tree sack / tree sacks

tree bag

Tree watering bags

Watering bags for trees

Key Account Products

Give your tree a refreshing tree bath!