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What onze Nederlandse klanten vragen

The instructions for the tree bath are available in the right place

"Bomenkennis">"Instructions for playing games".

You can now read the instructions here and also directly online see

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Instructions boombad in the Netherlands

Volg de onderstaande stappen om de Baumbad watering bag te vullen:

1. plaats de gieter rond de boomstam and sluit de rits. (Let's say: the tree is ready for the bomen with a distance of up to 30 cm. For the larger bomen we have two of the two used).

2. Duw the water slang (max. 10 cm diameter) into the opening of the gieter (alternatively: "insert").

3. The water should first be poured with 1/6 of water (10 liters and 18 liters, depending on the volume of water) and then poured into the black liquid (open schudden). This is important for the concern of the lawful state, otherwise the water cannot be used for the purpose.

4. Vul de zak vervolgens complete.

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A boom watering system is the ideal watering device for the boom. The zak wordt as a jas om de stem, slotted with a rits en volgens gevuld with water. Via two small openings on the edge of the zak ontsnapt the water slowly and slowly and druppel voor druppel naar buiten, which ensures a long-lasting watering. If you have water, you'll have money and you'll have a #boombes Paarder

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The boombewateringszakken is designed to have the water from two gates drooping on the other plants. One on the left edge and one on the right edge. The door of the tank contains 75 liters of water according to the instructions. druppel voor druppel over a period from 6-9 o'clock - in the wordt of the ground on the boom watering systems. The ground on the irrigation wordt also beschermd tegen de zone door de zak and blijft vochtig tijdens de irrigatieperiode. The large ground is ideal for the boom of water open to two water reservoirs during the long irrigation period. The prince of the state is also known as "double irritation".

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A drainage capacity of 6-9 hours (75 liters) and 9-12 hours (100 liters) is ideal for the water tank. The water was long in the ground via small openings on the edge. This lasts for a long time because the water has been used. As the pressure is longer, the water in the ground evaporates at the same temperature. This will result in the boom never having the maximum high water level and the dungeon being prepared. The boom irrigation system is designed so that the water has two gates in the other areas. One on the left edge and one on the right edge. The ground on the irrigation wordt also beschermd tegen de zone door de zak and blijft vochtig tijdens de irrigatieperiode. The large ground is ideal for the boom of water open to two water reservoirs with a long period of irrigation in the water. The prince of the state is also known as "double irritation".

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Plaats de boomzak vrij on a paal "naast" de boom, heg of struik

Bij sommige bomen begins the operation al dense in the ground, so that the never mogelijk is om de irrigatiezak volgens onze instructions on the boom te bevestigen.In zo'n geval he also de optie om the zak vrijk naast de boom te plaatsen (maar Nog Steeds Boven Het Wortelnwerk) .voor jongere bomen pray dat de zak zo zo dich mogelijk bij de stam moet.

The zak is relatively robust and stable thanks to the strong material on the surface of the plate, and it has a small stone base, as well as a wooden floor, so that the zak can be placed in the ground. Think about it in the garden even if it is still in the ground (in a previous answer was the 1/6) of the vulling (shut up in India now) and then you have to worry about the openings in the water in the ground sijpelen. Daarna completely vullen!
This method is also suitable for hagen and structure. Plaats de Gietzak zo dens mogelijk bij de Haag (of struik), omdat het wortelstelsel zich ondergronds niet zo sterk verspreidt als bij bomen.

When installing the zelfs with the hierboven description procedure is not possible, we use the Baumbad Premium watering ring (55 liters) to use. Omdat de gietring breder is, is hij meestal gemakkelijk te installeren, zelfs als erg wineig ruimte is tussen de grond en de takken.

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The Gietzakken is designed to have water with two openings (left and right) to the other side. When the water is not good, the water is quickly drained and washed.

Bekijk de instructions nog een ker om te zien hoe je de zak correct schudt. Je kunt also the afzonderlijke stappen nogmaals bekijken in one video about the use and installation of the tree bath waterzak. => When the water here is still steeds and loops away, controleer dan of the zak(ken) in a holt of boven a holt staan. This can be caused by the PVC word being printed in the same way as the openings on the bed have been enlarged, which can be corrected through the trekking of the till. India can now also test the position of the boom and change the situation in the country. Kijk of deze oplossing helpst. There is no need for contact with our client service of maak and free afspraak with our own boomexperts. We will always help you in an oplossing situation.

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Onze boomzakken zijn zo gemaakt/design dat he water uit twee openingen (left and right) druppelt with the other plooien. As soon as the water is gone, the water is quickly removed from the bedoeling, so there are no instructions in the instructions that you can use to get the water in the right manner. You can also use the afzonderlijke stappen and you can also watch it in one video about the use and installation of the tree bath waterzak. => Spring after the delivered "The zak good schudden" from the video Verder voorgestelde oplossingen as the zak te langzaam leegloopt:1) Controleer of the PVC a beetje aan elkaar plakt in the vouw of round of openings. So yes, try it out before you go trekking and get everything in the right position. 2) Is it possible that the zak of zakken in a hol of boven a holly staan? So yes, controleer dan the PVC in the position of the watering gate block. It was also here before the openings that it was planned to go trekking. We're late in the video, so you can do it, and one of them will help you. There is no need for contact with our client service of maak and free afspraak with our own boomexperts. We will always help you in an oplossing situation.

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First things first: Yes, boomzakken kunnen (bijna altijd) has been repaired! We tested various repair methods and developed a free repair kit. We now have to wait and see what happens in one of the 'repairs'. Je kunt deze vinden op onze blog about bomenkennis in het artikel: "Boomzakken repairen - de grote vergelijking".

For free patches you will receive a report. Click here first contact form.

We always take the irrigated cups out of the water and want to repair them. There is also a recycling program for damaged cups. In the program, repair kits have been repaired and repaired on the door, and repair kits have been used, which we can provide for free delivery and repairs.

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It is never old gemakkelijk om te bepalen wilke boom hoeveel water nodig heeft. From there we cycle over the algemeen aan om iets less water te geven in plaats van te veel. Tot op zekere hoogte zijn bomen gewend aan seizoenen met variërende neerslaghoeveelheden. It is an important overleving factor for a boom and a second mate of veerkracht op te bouwen om druggere periods onsparden te can be overleven. Because of the changing climate, the real steadies come before the drug periods of long durations, the rain brings less water from the meeste water in the hevige rain, thanks to large hoeveelheden, gewoon wegstromt and the never toegankelijk is for the boomworts. Onze boomzakken serve as wateringssteun om de bomen te helpen deze onnatuurlijk long en ongewoon drug periods zo good mogelijk door te comen. Bij veel bomen strekt the wortelsysteem zich uit over various diepten van de bottom om toegang te krijgen tot het resterende vocht. When the water is available, a boom begins on the slaan in two blades, takken, stam and wortels. This is vergelijkbaar with living organisms. This means that you can have enough water for a long time and have extra water. When you want to have a boom that is very loud and has a critical impact, the sea is the first thing to be heard on the blades, the "krachteloos" will then begin to hang. As the opportunity arises, the bijvoorbeeld is a good moment in the grijpen om de boom te othersteunen; As the tree lasts longer, it is naturally best to continue the boom. It is understandable to start with two different waters, which can be compared to the rain and relatively large. As the weersvoorspellingen wijzen op a long period of hitte of droogte, we had to start with the druppelbevloeiing in extreme omstandigheden de boomzak zelfs twee keer per week te vullen.

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Je doet onze waterzak om de boom heen as a jacket/clothing item. This is great, you can do it in a few steps and eat a small heel. A grandchild tree bath boomzak is designed for the watering of a tree with a height of 30 cm. For larger booms it is possible to combine them with other booms. The only possible rule is that the boom height is 30 cm maximum from the omtrek. This means that

Omtrek tot: 30 cm (diameter: 9,6 cm) = 1 boomzak
Omtrek tot: 60 cm (diameter: 19,2 cm) = 2 boomzakken
Omtrek tot: 90 cm (diameter: 28,8 cm) = 3 boomzakken
Omtrek tot: 120 cm (diameter: 38,4 cm) = 4 boomzakken

Tree bath irrigatiezakken zijn zo designed that the gemakkelijk aan elkaar can be coupled. Hieronder vindt a video waarin and kunt zien hoe this works; Let's go to the largest possible boom and get the money back without being 100% satisfied, so that the print will be fully printed. As this is a problem, it is possible to get it
"Individual purchases are available in a few places"
"Send different cups to your home"

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This can be done by air conditioning of other objects with high prices on the plek, which has a normal water supply and is spoken in a boom word. In this area the water boom has been planted. The boomzak is of zichzelf al vrij stable in height allen what extra strength is needed. It's best to have a wooden structure made of bamboo and metal, which will never be damaged in the ground. Now you can boomzak in the Gebruikelijke manner aan vastmaken.

A little tree is designed for the watering of the tree with a height of up to 30 cm, the other tree bath is designed to be watered by our trees and the trees are oversized. The two parts have been combined with each other and have been combined thanks to the ritssluiting.

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In comparison with the boom, the sea has a loss in relative gladde from the hebben, hebben heggen and struiken vaak takken en twijgen (of zelfs stekels en doornen) close to the ground. The problem is that there is no chance of the water being used directly to confirm it. Zoals al description in uw previous vraag, kan de zak in dit geval ook 'losjes' naast de te wateren haag of struik has been plaatst. The boomzak is of zichzelf al vrij stable and heeft alleen what extra support is needed. Used in a wooden structure made of bamboo and metal, which can be damaged in the ground (India mogelijk zonder de wortels van larger bomen te damage). The boomzak can then be made in the usual way.

That's why: When it's not possible to get the plant on the plants following the described procedure, we use the Baumbad Premium watering ring (55 liters) to use it. Omdat de gietring breder is, is hij meestal gemakkelijk te installeren, zelfs als erg wineig ruimte is tussen de grond en de takken.

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The boom watering system is largely made of PVC. This is a beautiful structure that can last a long time. Het scour- and stootvaste materiaal wordt bovendien othersteund door een nightly vezelweefsel.

The levensduur wordt verkort door:
• Onjuiste omgang met de zak (let u zeker op de instructions
te follow)

• Te agressieve/bijtende schoonmaakmiddelen

• Onzorgvuldigheid met punten of scherpe randen aan de boom
The door is broken and broken

• Weersinvloeden zoals storm, hail, vorst of intenses
zonlicht that long aanhoudt (onze cups zijn standardaard voorzien van
UV protection)

• Honden die langdurig herhaaldelijk op de zak plassen

• Onjuiste botsingen met grasmaaiers of robotmaaiers

• Meststofadditieven (afhankelijk van de chemical
seed positioning)

• In winter the snow (slush) serves toevoegen aan de bermen
op Stapelen of large hoeveelheden zout strooien

• Knaagdieren, maggots of larger wilde dieren die op zoek
Zijn naar water (meestal avenues as het geurende long tijd heel erg droog is

• Vandalism (if everything is real)

• Algae preparation can also be used for a long time
Twee openings clog raken

• Vuil water and other waste disposal systems are available
He can also worry about the water not flowing away well, of course
Block the opening completely.

Tips for a long life:
This is the best way to use the drugs in the fases of the year when you need to take drugs and treat them with drugs and put them on the table. Vermijd zoveel mogelijk levensbeperkende omstandigheden. (Zie hierboven)

This can happen in times of intense heat, heel rain of droogte, wilde dieren geen drinkwater meer kunnen vinden. Hun good developed reukzin distributed the water in the boomzakken zit and uit noodzaak nabbelen ze aan de zakken. For small bites, for example, they can also eat and eat their own food, and we can pick up an oplossing from the dierenbeten at the door of the drink, and we can see: places in the sea, small bakjes on the ground, which can be as large as the spikes . Zo hebben de dieren gemakkelijk toegang dead water. Tip: You have to come to the ground just enough to have an overhanging edge, so that your little ones can grab the water and drink it.

If you really want the gate to come in a boom, then you can use the article "Boomzakken repairen" to provide instructions on the hoe and the gate with a few eenvoudige steps that can be repaired with the help of the huishoudgereedschap. Residual material patches and recycling patches and a comprehensive information about the repairs of boomzakken can be sent to the customer service.

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The aantal "green" cups, known as irrigatiet cups, are the afgelopen jaren zelfs aanzienlijk toegenomen. This is important in a good way, we want the climate change to change the air conditioning climate throughout the year. Gemiddeld has become warmer overall in Europe, and the rain has become noticeably longer in drug periods. As a result of this, we planned to build a large camp with an extreme amount of water, especially in the summer. Op veel plaatsen is het sterftecijfer van stadsbomen aanzienlijk gestegen, what also te wijten is aan het feit dat stadsbesturen steeds vaker tegen de borders van hun middelen aanlopen als het gaat om het voorzien van alle bomen van het benodigde water vanwege de steeds extreme climatic situation. Bewateringshulpmiddelen zoals de Baumbad bewateringszak can make a levensreddend different. The use of the practical design makes the watering device for communities, boom relief lifters and degenerons on the drunk will rake to the behoud of trees in the city, and a process for the druppelirrigatie wordt can be used to save water and water in the ground boom It is good for a relatively long period. Water sijpelt geurende grandchildren uren continu in the word zone of the bomen door small openings on the onderkant of the gevulde boomzakken. Op this manner can be achieved, and the vitality of the bomen aanzienlijk has been verhoogd. Tegelijkertijd zorgen we he door ze te beschermen en te behouden voor dat we ook in de toekomst can blijven profiteren van de natuurlijke koelmechanism van stadsbomen.Baumbad works as seeds with veel steden en gemeenten in heel Germany. Vraag in uw city of gemeente of the boomzakken has been used, of he mogelijkheden zijn voor boomsponsoring en/of hoe burgers can be raked in the redden of the boom, and there is no contact with one boomexperts as u vragen heeft.

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The interior of a tree bath watering bag (75 of 100 liters) is designed for a boom tower of up to 30 cm. This comes with a diameter of 9,6 cm. When a boom with a larger size/diameter was watered, we even had to use it again.

Omtrek tot: 30 cm (diameter: 9,6 cm) = 1 boomzak
Omtrek tot: 60 cm (diameter: 19,2 cm) = 2 boomzakken
Omtrek tot: 90 cm (diameter: 28,8 cm) = 3 boomzakken
Omtrek tot: 120 cm (diameter: 38,4 cm) = 4 boomzakken

Elke Druppel is important to the water reservoir of a booming water. For many long drug periods, the boom has always been well done with the boom watering systems. Hoeveel water individual bomen nodig hebben, schilt van immediately dead immediately. Grote Bomen Ibben Meestal Een zeer Goed ontwikkeld Wortelstelsel Diep in the Aarde, zodat ze vaak diep water kunnen vinden, waar jongere bomen niet bij kunnen, dus is het Belangrijk om ze regular van voldoende Water te voorzien, voor nieuwe aanplant ze de juiste wortels can develop. The area on the boomzak, the constant word used by the druppelirrigatie, is of bijzonder concern. We advise you to use at least 75 liters (one full bottle) to give you 150 liters (two full bottles) per watering cycle. In the larger booms (and the use of several booms) all booms should at least not be used.

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The wortels zijn the gereedschap waarmee de bomen het water opnemen dat essentieel is om te overleven. Hoe ver deze wortels reiken depends onder other af van het immediately boom. As a rule of thumb, the high-quality floor can be managed by the hand of the boom crown, projected on the ground. Bij a tekort aan water has been de wortels long and gaan de bomen verder uit elkaar staan. The majority of the plants also have an unmistakeable helper: mycorrhiza, a network of molds in the soil. The symbiosis of the mold has increased in size and the volume of the wort is enormous and has also been vangged.


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