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With our bag sizes 55L, 75L and 100L we offer a wide variety and can react individually to your needs.


By attaching a lock, the tree bags can be protected from theft at any time.

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Our tree baths are made of reusable, high-quality & certified PVC and PE material.

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Trees can be watered quickly and efficiently for up to 9 hours with just one tree bag filling of 75 liters. With the 100 liter bags even up to 12 hours.

Individual tree thicknesses

Multiply the watering volume by connecting several tree baths.

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Personalize the tree bags with your city coat of arms, company logo or use them as advertising space.

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Perhaps you have already seen the tree bags in your town or your neighbor has already equipped one of his trees with a tree bath watering bag? Why are these bags attached to our trees?

We would like to briefly explain this to you here:

Due to climate change, the climate has changed continuously in recent years. As a result, it has tended to become warmer in Europe, and rainfall has also decreased. All in all, it is now demonstrably drier. As a result, many plants and trees suffer from a lack of water. The green bags on the trees are watering bags that are used for support. They save both water resources and watering time. What helps the environment, the tree and people. "

tree bath irrigation

Stefan Flues

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The watering bag for trees is an innovative solution for that Watering the trees in the city. The simple use and the sensible function save considerable time, money and water. All trees need water to grow and thrive. The tree bag continuously releases small water droplets over a longer period of 9 to 12 hours. Due to the steady release of smaller amounts of water, the roots can absorb more water and the leaves can continue to shine green even without rain.

The maintenance of trees can be planned more easily with watering bags.

First of all, a great advantage is that the amount of water can be precisely determined when using drip irrigation with tree bags. In contrast to watering with a hose, you know exactly how much water the trees are being supplied with, which makes irrigation much more efficient. A bag is up to 75 to 100 liters. (Depending on the variant). Especially in times of climate change, there are always long droughts. So it is important not to waste water.

When watering with the watering and the hose, a very large amount of water is drained off at once. This "water flood" accumulates on the surface and the roots hardly have the opportunity to absorb the water sufficiently before it evaporates again in the soil.
The drip irrigation, in turn, very slowly, drop by drop, ensures that the roots in the deep are actually reached by the water.

The green bags are also easily placed around the tree and fastened with a smooth zipper. If necessary, it is even possible to secure the bag with a theft protection device.

Especially with new plantings, it is necessary to support the trees in rooting and growing. The tree bags help with their targeted water release. Due to the constant release of smaller amounts of water, the roots can absorb more water and the leaves can continue to shine green even without rain.

The maintenance of trees can be planned more easily with watering bags.

The tree watering bag is wrapped around the tree like a jacket. This can be done in a few seconds without spending a lot of time. A single tree bath tree bag is designed for watering trees with a maximum circumference of 30cm. Several tree bags are only required for thick trees that exceed this size:

2 tree bags up to 60cm

3 tree bags up to 90cm

4 tree bags up to 120cm


Divide the circumference of the tree (in inches) by 30 to find the number of tree sacks it will take to make this tree.

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Yes! The tree bags can be repaired. PVC can be glued very well. Baumbad has a recycling program and uses the bags to be recycled to make patches, which can be made available free of charge with repair instructions on request.

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